VARSO Place model

Interactive urban model of downtown Warsaw, Poland

Getting detailed urban data from a foreign city is not a problem for us. For example, for the interactive model of Warsaw, Poland, we modeled all the buildings in high detail and simulated realistic urban flows, including individual traffic and public transport with real timetables.

We took the effort to make it possible to efficiently present one of the most important property development projects of these years in the entire Europe – Varso Place, which includes the tallest building in the EU – the Varso Tower (310 m / 1017’).

  • Year: 2016
  • Type: Interactive model
  • Stage: Design and production
  • Client:


HB Reavis approached us requesting us to create an interactive model of Bratislava that would help them present their current and future real estate development projects. We took the challenge to combine a spatial model with a software solution in a way that enables to show the current city together with a vision of its future.

The iPad controller can be used to highlight Individual buildings, supermarkets, or public transport lines. Detailed information about the selected features is shown on a context screen next to the model.

Technical specifications

  • Width 1,100 mm / 3’ 7”
  • Length 1,800 mm / 5’ 11”
  • Height 900 mm / 2’ 11”
  • Weight 100 kg / 220 lbs

Material and production

  • plinth made of lacquered wood and stainless steel
  • 75” 4K display
  • 400 buildings 3D printed in high detail
  • 40 animation effects
  • iPad controller application
  • external context screen

Technological solution

The model consists of two layers: a 75” 4K screen and transparent high-resolution 3D models. We added another 85” screen displaying detailed information about the public amenities around the highlighted buildings.


The model comes automatically with a simple updatability and emergency service throughout the entire lifetime of the project.

Software solution

The transparent model is underlit by an interactive animation, which highlights buildings, locations, or public transport lines. The presentation guide can select any of these features via an iPad application and this way present the Varso Place buildings, as well as traffic hubs in the vicinity or the direct connection with the Warsaw airport, railway station and bus station.


  • You can select entire city blocks or individual buildings to be highlighted in full-color animations.
  • The Varso Place can be highlighted and presented individually.
  • It is possible to display various functional zones, recreational areas, parks, playgrounds and sports areas.
  • The software simulates public transport in its real timelines and shows real-time departures from nearby stations.
  • The animation can highlight important public amenities, such as office buildings, post offices, schools, but also restaurants or cultural facilities.
  • The model is controlled via an iPad app and additional information is displayed on an external context screen.