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Protective shield

Can design fight a virus? We found a way.
We have developed a gear that can readily protect thousands of people in the front line. A full-face protective shield in needed in hospitals, during sampling but can help ordinary people too. We find 3D printing too slow, expensive and a 3D printed surface too porous to be safely disinfected. We have therefore designed a shield that is costs-efficient and we can readily produce more than a thousand a day. It's easy to transport and store in batches of 100 pieces and it is simple to disinfect. After several versions, tests and optimizations, we are proud to introduce a Subdigital shield. If you know who may need it, let us know!


Open source

  • We love 3D printing - for prototyping. Mass production has to be done differently. We have designed a shield, that can be produced faster, cheaper and even without equipment. We are publishing source files of the Subdigital Shield for non-commercial use.
  • Single material solution: The shields need to be made of transparent plastics. We designed the entire shield from the transparent plastic - be it PVC, PETG or anything available. The design can cope with various material thickness.
  • Fighting material shortage: The design doesn 't require currently unavailable filaments or rubber bands. No post-production: No need to attach straps, no need to pre-assemble. Ready to be packed straight from the machine.
  • Flat packing for shipping and storage: More than 50 pieces of the shield can be stored in a larger pizza box. They are safe and easy to transport.
  • 240x faster production: Production of a single Subdigital shield takes 25s (on a regular lasercutter). The most efficient 3D printed shields take an hour. The production files are optimized for fast production of CNC or laser cutter.
  • Minimum waste: Even the cutouts serve a purpose - you can use them to attach a face mask.
  • DYI version: If you only have the material and no equipment, you can cut the shield out with just a pair of scissors. We published blueprints and instructions for an A4 printer. Cutting out the shield at home is faster than 3D printing.
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