ELIBA model

Animated urban map of public transport in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Cities are filled with difficult mechanisms and situations. Even if just a single part of the urban structure is about to change, it is important to have a powerful tool to present the impacts. The animated urban model for our client JTRE shows in detail a new tram line and its vicinity. It simulates the traffic conditions and at the same time it immerses the spectator into the pulsating city with its futuristic design and spectacular holographic rendering.


Our client needed a strong tool for presenting a radical vision of a new tram line. A tool that would attract enough attention, meet high technological standards, work with real urban and traffic data and look like the vision of the future itself.

  • Year: 2018
  • Type: Animated urban model
  • Stage: Design and production
  • Photo: Petra Rjabinin
  • Client:

The model's purpose is to display transport lines and demonstrate the impact of the new tram line proposed by the property developer.

Technological solution

We made the model into a detailed pulsating miniature of the city with all its important urban details. It simulates the actual and also future movement of public transport. The holographic effect creates an attractive futuristic illusion combined with the spatial rendering of the urban fabric.

The hologram gained its depth with the layers of acrylic boards thanks to which it immerses the spectator right into the city map.


The load-bearing structure is made of steel pipe frames generated by a parametric software. This way we achieved an intricate shape similar to a railway infrastructure while preserving the solidness of the bearing structure. The projection screen consists of layers of acrylic boards into which layers of the city are engraved. The animation of the infrastructure runs on an 84” 4K display placed underneath.


Our version of a hologram is made of 15 layers of maps engraved directly into transparent acrylic boards. We layered them and thus created an effect of an impressive spatial projection screen. The animation projected on it can display various scenarios for the future of the city's public transport and enables our client to present their planned interventions and their impact on the existing urban structure.

The plinth is designed using custom parametric software.


  • The unique technology of the hologram allows to showcase buildings and topography of the city in real depth.
  • The animated underlighting depicts various urban situations in the capital city.
  • The map is complemented with an animated contextual area including a mini map of the surrounding region and information about the displayed features.
  • All elements are manufactured with the emphasis on detail precision.
  • The holographic effect is achieved by 15 layers of engraved acrylic panels.

Technical specifications

  • 20 km2 / 8 mi2 of the city
  • animated rendering of public transport in 4K resolution
  • current, planned and optional public transport lines in simple diagrams
  • width 1,300mm / 4’ 3”
  • length 2,100mm / 6’ 10”
  • height 700mm / 2’ 4”

Material and production

  • steel plinth
  • 15 layered engraved acrylic panels
  • 84” 4K display
  • powerful minicomputer
  • transportation case

Transportability and updatability

The model is easy to disassemble and you can safely transfer it to various locations in its transportation cases. We can remotely update the scenarios displayed on the screen based on the most recent input data.

Public presentation

  • Days of Architecture and Design 2019, Bratislava

    Publicly accessible in the Primates' Palace

  • Placed as a centerpiece in several office buildings in Bratislava, Slovakia

    Tower 115, Panorama Bussiness, Landererova 12 Bussiness, Eurovea