How do we work

Each of our projects is unique. We avoid repetition and prefer innovation; we look for new methods and use the most up-to-date technologies. Our projects are based on data. We collect, analyze, and creatively process data to reveal the relations and contexts of today┬┤s world. At the end of the day, we bring what many could not even imagine at the beginning.

Parametric design

With the parametric design approach, most of the time is spent on the creation of the parametric software and data collection. Having proper input data is crucial as it drives the entire design process. With a slight change of input data and parameters, we can automatically produce a multitude of output proposals and evaluate their fitness, if necessary. Then, we select one or more versions and the software will automatically generate data for digital fabrication, which means that the project documentation is done by one computer for another computer. It is possible to generate and even produce a lot of unique versions of the same design.

Parametric design enables the emergence of the unseen. We can keep control over incredibly complex projects and shapes and use the software tools to break them down into comprehensive parts and steps. It also enables us to generate hundreds or even thousands of alternative viable solutions. This way we can pick the best-suited solution and deliver customized and unique products to multiple customers.

Conventional design

In the conventional design process, the designer gradually works with several design proposals manually before reaching the desired outcome. This is time-consuming and requires a great amount of concentration in order to meet all expectations. Within such process, the project documentation is created by one person for another person.