Materializing the digital age

Materializing the digital age

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Subdigital works

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Who we are

Subdigital team

We are a team of architects, designers and programmers, who believe that the design of things around us should reflect contemporary society, art, science and technology.


Parametric design

Each of our projects is unique. We avoid repetition and prefer innovation; we look for new methods and use the most up-to-date technologies. At the end of the day, we bring what many could not even imagine at the beginning.

Our clients

Eurovea Tower model

Modular light sculpture

The property developer needed a powerful marketing and communication tool: a sculpture, an architectural model that would not only represent the shape of the building but also provide extra information using animations and lighting.

Bratislava 2022 model

Interactive urban model of Bratislava, Slovakia

We combined our architectural experience, urban data and software solutions in a unique large-scale model, offering an immersive technological experience of architecture and everyday life in the capital city of Slovakia.

Section model

A schematic section of the future bus station, shopping mall and office tower.

A simplified section with a playful design proved to be an ideal form of presentation as well as a decent decoration wherever it was showcased.

Eliba model

Animated urban map of public transport in Bratislava, Slovakia.

The animated urban model for our client JTRE shows in detail a new tram line and its vicinity. It simulates the traffic conditions and at the same time it immerses the spectator into the pulsating city with its futuristic design and spectacular holographic rendering.


Interactive urban model of downtown Warsaw, Poland

We took the effort to make it possible to efficiently present one of the most important property development projects of these years in the entire Europe – Varso Place, which includes the tallest building in the EU – the Varso Tower (310 m / 1017’).


Architectural solution of an exhibition presenting social and methodological innovation in design.

The exhibition's title refers to the role design plays in the adaptation of the man to changing circumstances and in the survival of humankind.


Design depository of rehabilitation equipment for office spaces

A healthy and satisfied employee is also a good employee.


Parametrically designed installation

We may compare the parametric generation of objects to natural forms that emerge under the influence of several external and internal forces, influence each other and form a comprehensive system.


3D puzzle as a presentation gift

We created a unique puzzle which reflects the features of our creative thinking and has therefore become the bearer of the DNA of our studio.

F*ck them orthoses

Custom made orthopaedical orthosis for the ankle joint fracture

With parametric design approach and 3D scanning the client became a co-author of his own medical aid.


A creative toolkit for architects and designers

Monoceros is a tool for optimally occupying an Envelope with discrete Modules, where the spatial relationship between those Modules can be constrained by a set of user-defined Rules. By using the Wave Function Collapse algorithm, it provides an innovative and fast solution to the emerging architectural problem of Discrete aggregation for purposes of design, architecture and urban planning. Monoceros is a plug-in for Rhino / Grasshopper created at studio Subdigital and is available to download for free.